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Bee Pollen for prostate health

It is a well known fact that HoneyBee Pollen protects the cardiovascular health, thanks to rutin, a strong antioxidant and protector of our cardiac system. But not only can bee pollen help us fight heart diseases, stroke and hypertension, it is also a great remedy to fight against prostate cancer and even to increase a man’s virility. If it helps athletes, why would it not increase sexual performance?

Pollen and pollen extracts have many scientifically proven health benefits to prostate health and urogenital health in general. Researches confirm that pollen and pollen extracts can help maintain a healthy prostate by decreasing the pressure by relaxing the muscles that line the bladder (the intraurethal pressure). Pollen, like propolis, also shows strong anti-inflammatory effects and can therefore be successfully used in cases of prostatodynia and prostatitis. Some researches have linked prostatitis and prostate cancer to deficiency of vitamin B, C and D, which are all abundant in honey bee pollen, which makes it a even better natural preventive supplement.

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