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Bee Propolis Cream heals skin and cures Acne

A cream with Bee Propolis has natural antibacterial, anti-styptic and healing properties. While Bee Propolis creams and ointments even help cure herpes and warts, Bee Propolis Face Cream proves very effective in treating acne.

Propolis cream, also named Propolis ointment, treats imperfect, irritated skin and is extremely effective in treatment of inflamed, painful acne and inflamed boils. Bee Propolis cream will not only suppress the harmful bacteria in the hair follicle, prevent the breeding of pimple, acne, papule etc., but will also regulate the metabolism function of the skin, make your skin bright, clean and smooth.

Bee Propolis is an antiseptic that reduces the symptoms of inflammation and prevents bacterial infections and so offers many beneficial effects on the skin. One way is to apply it on the skin (topical use), but it is also highly recommended to include Honey Bee Propolis in your diet as a dietary supplement. Propolis will help your body fight viral, fungal and bacterial invaders and treat your skin from within.

We recommend:

Propolis Theraputic Derma Cream 2oz from Beehive Botanicals
Propolis Theraputic Derma Cream
uses propolis to help heal irritations, rashes and other skin problems while it softens and adds necessary moisture and nutrients. Also contains honey, Vitamin E and aloe vera. Promotes rapid healing. Helps irritation, rashes and other skin eruptions. Soothes and moisturizes. Provides needed nutrients. Click on image to see more.

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  1. Mari Maruquez says

    Where we can buy this product and how much?

  2. BDETH says

    where can I buy the bee propolis and how much…is it available here in Quezon city?….

  3. jennifer peren says

    do you have selling outlet here in daegu south can i buy bee propolis cream?

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