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Bee Propolis for sore throat

I have been using Bee Propolis as a remedy for sore throat since I can remember. When we were little, our mother used to put a few drops of propolis tincture on a sugar cube if we ever had strep throat and then we enjoyed the sweet and aromatic, perhaps even a little spicy taste as the cube with propolis dissolved in our mouth. I still use propolis whenever I feel that my throat is starting to hurt,  but most of the times I use propolis spray which is fast and easy to use on the right spot of inflammation. I recommend using propolis in any cases of inflammations, irritations or ulcers, especially those in the mouth cavity – if you are not allergic to bee products, ofcourse! It is a great topical cure and the easiest way to apply it is in form of spray. You could also use a spoonful of sugar and put a few drops of propolis tincture on that, works great! Just don’t try to take propolis by itself, because it will stick to your teeth and make a mess. There is also pure propolis to chew on the market, but I have never tried that – must be a pain with the teeth coloring …

If you wish to use propolis as an immunity booster, you could also put a few drops in a glass of water or juice, stir and drink it up. But for me, sugar works perfectly. You can get propolis without alcohol too, especially if you wish to give it to a child. But be careful, you should be certain that your child is not allergic to honey, pollen, royal jelly – any bee products – and we should never give honey or any other bee product to an infant, less than one year old (Because of danger of infant botulism, caused by Clostridium bacteria, which can sometimes contaminate honey. Children can usually cope with this bacteria after one year of age). One thing I would most certainly recommend for cough relief are also propolis lozenges – can’t miss with those!

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