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Could Bee Propolis be a cause of kidney failure?

While Bee Propolis is believed to be rather nontoxic, there have been two known cases of renal failure, probably caused by consuming propolis. The allergic reactions are quite common, but this was a first confirmed case of kidney failure, connected to brazilian green propolis.

While this was a case of a 59-year man, there was another report of a 3-year-old boy, allergic to gluten, who also developed acute kidney failure. The boy was taking homeopathic medicine with propolis 2 to 3 times per week. After cca. 4 months, the creatinine levels increased and returned to normal when propolis intake was stopped.

It is an interesting fact that on the other hand researches have shown a positive, protective effect of propolis from oxidative stress in rat kidneys.

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A fair warning is in place: If a person is allergic to bee venom,  then propolis, pollen and royal jelly should be avoided.

Also young children, pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised not to take bee propolis or royal jelly, but also liver and/or kidney disease patients should not take propolis.

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