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Possible side effects of Royal jelly

Because Royal jelly could cause an allergic reaction, it should be regarded as potentially dangerous to consume, especially for people that know to be allergic to bee stings, bee propolis or pollen. Royal jelly is a natural substance and has numerous health benefits, with cardiovascular health, aid in digestion, treatment of depression, aiding in stress and boosting the immune system being only few of them. Royal bee jelly proves to be very beneficial to our health, but may have side effects if it is consumed to often, taken to much or without medical supervision. Another risk lies in the fact that even bees are exposed to different contaminants of bacterial or chemical nature and all those contaminants may get incorporated into bee products.

Anyone considering taking royal jelly should realize the potential side effects and discuss their doctor before taking it, especially if dealing with asthma, any allergies, or in case of being pregnant or breastfeeding. Extra caution is also needed in cases of compromised immune system. If you should experience any side effects such as problems with breathing, bronchial spasms, skin irritations, an asthma attack, or not feeling good after taking it, you should stop taking Royal jelly immediately and consult your doctor. If one would continue taking Royal jelly in spite of such side effects, it could lead to anaphylactic shock and even coma or death.

The above mentioned side effects are only common in people that are already allergic to bee stings, bee propolis, pollen or honey and are quite rare. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not consume Royal jelly or any other bee products. More about taking propolis, honey, pollen or royal jelly during pregnancy and lactation.

If you do not have any allergies, it is safe for you to take royal jelly, but you should always follow the instructions on the label, follow your body’s response to royal jelly and discuss your doctor about taking any supplements.

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