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Propolis, Pollen and Royal Jelly – natural remedies for Psoriasis

Bee products are a natural treatment for Psoriasis, whether taken orally or used topically; in creams, solutions or ointments. This article focuses on curing Psoriasis with Propolis, Pollen and Royal Jelly and offers a few suggestions on how to make your own home remedies for Psoriasis; Propolis ointment and aqueous solution.

Researches show …

In a research where 160 patients with psoriasis took 0,3 g propolis 3 times a day for three months, one third were cured or their condition considerably improved. It is best to use Propolis tincture (with a pipette) and take it orally.

You can also use propolis topically (in creams or ointments).
Here is how to make your own Propolis Ointment: Buy Lanolin (natural wool grease, usually available in Pharmacies) or Beeswax and mix it with Propolis (cca. 15 g Propolis in 100 g Lanolin or Beeswax).

You can make your own propolis solution (10%-50% propolis tincture in water) and apply it to affected area 2 to 3 times daily.

We should mention that in many cases of curing psoriasis with natural remedies like propolis at first the condition got worse but it gradually improved so much that one could not even tell about former psoriasis condition.

Bee Pollen, like Propolis, boosts immunity and improves overall health. It is suggested to use 1 teaspoon before breakfast and 1 teaspoon before dinner.

Royal Jelly is taken the same way as Bee Pollen and is a very powerful food supplement, rich in Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12), folic acid and bio stimulants. Like Propolis, Royal Jelly has antiviral, antitoxic and antibacterial effect. Because it naturally contains amino acid, one of the main collagen components, it is very benevolent in skin care, whether we use it orally or in skin cream.

Propolis soap and Aloe Propolis cream are also available on the market. But why not mix your own? Just add a few drops of Propolis into your liquid soap or into your cream!

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