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What is Bee Propolis?

How Bee Propolis is made

Bee Propolis in short is a form of resin that honeybees collect from barks and tree leaves. Then they combine this resin with pollen, nectar and wax, which makes a sticky substance, used for sterilizing the hive and protecting it against infections. Bee Propolis is also used to seal cracks in the hive, which is why it Propolis is often called Bee Glue.

Bee Propolis, a Traditional Natural Remedy with various Health Benefits

Bee Propolis has been used for centuries and is a traditional medicine which promotes healing and regeneration of tissue, provides protection against infections and is a great source of energy and stamina. Modern researches have confirmed that Bee Propolis inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and even helps prevent cancer. As a medicine, Bee Propolis has been used since the times of ancient Egypt. Arabs, Greeks and Romans have used Propolis for treating infections, skin diseases, respiratory problems, joint problems, abscesses and tumors. In Europe and North Africa Propolis has been used for treating wounds, dental caries and all forms of mouth and throat infections.

Bee Propolis: A natural Immunity booster

In our times, bacteria and viruses are becoming more and more resistant, which is mostly due to commonly overprescribed synthetic antibiotics. But scientific studies have shown that viruses and bacteria are unable to build tolerance against Propolis, which is why the value of this natural treasure is even greater. Bee Propolis also effectively boosts the immune system and makes us more resistant to various infections and diseases, even the ones caused by viruses. Bee Propolis shows great results in fighting and treating canker sores, eczema, genital herpes and cancer.

Modern scientists tried to isolate the special ingredients in Propolis that are beneficial to our health, but using only extracted ingredients has given lesser results than using Bee Propolis as a whole. The combined and synergistic effects of propolis have proved to be better than any single ingredients extracted from it. Scientifical studies have shown that propolis actually consists of more than 150 chemical components, which work together synergistically to create a balanced, nutritive substance.

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